Friday, January 25, 2013

Spring has....almost sprung?

Hi Ladies!

My name is Erica and I am a stylist at SexyModest Boutique!  Ever since I can remember (well more accurately, ever since I grew out of my Tom Boy stage in 6th grade) I have LOVED fashion and clothes!  There were never enough clothes in my closet! My whole reason for getting my first job when I was 15 was so that I could shop.  Those of you who have come shopping at SexyModest when I'm working, know that nothing has changed ;)

Brigitte has asked me to grace you with my blog presence today, to give you a sneak peak on what is trending for Spring 2013!

1. Bermuda Shorts:  Anyone else let out a little sigh of relief hearing these are still on trend for spring??  I know I did!  They are cool in those hot summer months, modest, and flattering!  Not to mention all the fun colors bermuda shorts are available in!

2. Stripes: Thick, thin, vertical, horizontal...stripes are IN!

3. Floral Print: My inner old lady comes out every time I see a floral print!  Who doesn't love their inner old lady??  I LOVE floral print!!  Pants, tanks, cardigans, name it!!

4. Maxi Dresses/Maxi Skirts:  Another sigh of relief!  These are so versatile and come in so many different colors and patterns. Wear them with flip flops or with wedges, wear them belted or not belted, wear them with a cute jacket or with a plain tee.  The options are endless!

5. Black and White:  Black and white?  How easy of a trend is that to follow?  It can be done on any budget and can be accomplished no matter what your style is!

Moving on to color, I think this is what I'm most excited for!  I feel like I've been stuck in the black and grays this winter and I'm ready to add some color to my wardrobe!!  Who loves these colors??
Wear any of these colors in skinny jeans, bermudas or tops and you'll be right on trend with spring fashion!

Soooo now that we covered spring trends....who is ready for it to warm up??

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Belt Shy???

Being a Fashion Stylist I meet alot of women with Belt Phobia...So lets get to it and solve this very real fashion dilemma. Belts can resolve torso bumps, change the way an outfit looks, define your tiny waist (even if you think you don't have one) and they can end up being your best styling friend. But that being said, It has to be the right belt, right fit, and paired with the right outfit. So lets go over a few guidelines.

1. Find your Sweet spot: Position is the most important thing. And your sweet spot will be different than others depending on your body type. The easiest way is to find the smallest part of your waist. Whether that is below your bust or just above your belly button. If you have a little extra weight around the midriff, positioning the belt just above the waistline is best. If you are long waisted wearing the belt high is best. If you are busty and short wasted the best way is usually positioning a belt lower than the waistline in front and at waist level in the back.

2. Width of Belt: If you are long waisted you can usually get away with wide and skinny belts. If you are short waisted narrower belts tend to look the best since wider belts take up all of your waistline. If you have an undefined waist wearing a narrow belt lower in front will usually do the trick and give you a waistline.

3. Comfort: Elastic is your best friend. If you can purchase belts with elastic they will give you way more comfort and stretch with you throughout the day. Also one of my favorite thing about elastic is you can wear them high, low or smack in the middle and it will always stretch and fit! No need for 3 different sizes in belts just so you can wear them on different areas of your waist. Take some time and try them out with different outfits. I’m not saying that belts are essential. You can absolutely look fab sporting a beltless style, but they do add many more options to your existing wardrobe. Start by trying some of our guidelines and give it a try:) Here our some ideas from SexyModest!

Here is the link to some cute belts and accessories from SexyModest Boutique:

Monday, January 21, 2013

Let the "Fashion Fun" Begin

Here we go.... a journey we are all going to love!!! Fashion Tips, Ideas, Tricks, What to wear, What not to wear, How to wear it, How to wear belts, scarves and stripes, How to dress for your body type.... and well, you get the point. The fashion blog you have all been waiting for!!! And I won't disappoint! I am so excited to finally put aside some time to dress you and help you with all of your fashion questions. I always get emails and phone calls of people who want to know my thoughts and pick my fashion brain and now you can all be a part of it:) Visit us often to see all the New Fashions and Trends and How to Wear them.